Timbale de Fruits à la Parisienne


  • 1 large brioche
  • apricot purée
  • fresh fruits cooked in syrup (sugar, water, vanilla extract)
  • vanilla extract or liqueur
  • preserved fruits
  • shredded almonds
  • a little kirsch or other liqueur


Bake a large brioche in a soufflé dish to give it straight sides. When it is one day old, cut off the top (reserve for cover) and with a sharp knife cut around the inside of the brioche f inch in from the sides and down to 1 inch from the bottom. Pass the knife round once or twice to make sure that the inside is free from the crust. Then insert the knife through the crust an inch from the bottom of the brioche and move it gently from right to left to sever the centre piece entirely, making the hole as small as possible. Lift out the soft centre part, leaving a case or crust of brioche - the “timbale”.

Sieve canned apricots (or apricot marmalade). Combine purée in a saucepan with some of the fruit syrup; flavour with vanilla extract or a little liqueur, and boil quickly until reduced to a thick syrup or jelly. Brush syrup over timbale, glazing well both inside and out. Decorate with preserved fruits and shredded almonds.

To prepare fruit for filling: cook diced fresh fruit until tender in a syrup of sugar and water flavoured with vanilla extract. Add a little Kirsch or other liqueur and remaining apricot glaze to fruits.

Fill timbale with glazed fruits, using as little syrup as possible. Put on cover, and serve remaining syrup and fruit separately.