Chocolate mousse cake

In the recipe for Chocolate Truffle Cake, there is a lot of a chocolate genoise sponge left when you are finished. This can be stored for a few days in the fridge or frozen. Sliced into two or three rounds and spread with apricot jam, some booze and sandwiching a chocolate mousse, you can easily make another wicked pudding. Like the Chocolate Truffle Cake, this keeps well for several days in the fridge, so don’t be daunted by its size – it will be eaten.



Take the springform tin you baked the sponge in and wash it thoroughly. Slice the sponge horizontally into three rounds. This is quite difficult to do, so don’t worry if your first attempts are less than perfect. Even if the rounds are in several pieces do not despair, as they can be reconstructed in the cake tin and will disappear into the bowels of the cake with no-one the wiser.

Put the apricot jam in a saucepan to melt with 2 tbsp water. When liquid, add the whisky and stir. Shove this glaze through a sieve and keep warm. Place one sponge round in the base of the tin and brush with the glaze. Smear half the marquesa mix on this, then place another round on top, press down and daub with more glaze. Now add the remaining marquesa mix, and top this with the final sponge round. Glaze this with the apricot mix, then refrigerate for several hours.


Run a hot knife around the edge of the cake to free it from the tin, then unmould but leave on the base. Dust with cocoa powder, and cut with a hot knife.