Blackberry and Rose Sorbet | Strawberry Jelly | Goat’s Milk White Chocolate Tile | Rose Petal Cake

Why These Flavors Work

The flavors of rose and strawberry play off of each other; each is clearly distinguished, but they also enhance each other. Both flavors are frontal, which means they are clearly detected by the tongue. The blackberry flavor is frontal as well, but it is also an aromatic fruit with slightly floral notes from the rose petal. In this case, it is not used in equal proportion to the other flavors; it is used in a larger proportion and is the focus flavor of the dessert. The goat’s milk white chocolate is a background flavor, which merely pushes the other flavors forward but has a distinctive goat’s milk flavor; goat’s milk cheeses go very well with most fruit. The ash, which is flavorless, is typically used in cheese making, mostly for soft goat cheese, which is why it makes sense in this dessert.



Plating Procedure

  1. Place the rectangle of rose petal cake on the plate.
  2. Brush only the surface of the cake with rose hip honey and water soaking liquid (about 10 g/.35 oz per cake).
  3. Place the tube of blackberry sorbet on top of the cake.
  4. Lean the goat’s milk chocolate tile on top of the sorbet.
  5. Put the strawberry jelly tube on top of the chocolate tile.
  6. Sprinkle a pinch of ash on top of the dessert (about .2 g/.007 oz per order).
  7. Allow the sorbet to temper for about 2 minutes before serving.