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The Elements of Dessert

The Elements of Dessert

by Francisco Migoya


A seasoned professor at the Culinary Institute of America gives a crash course on pastry, step by step. Construct a white miso pot de creme and impress guests with delicate yuzu jellies. This book takes desserts to new heights, with flavor combinations that you’ve never considered.

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In The Elements of Dessert, renowned pastry chef Francisco Migoya, professor at The Culinary Institute of America, takes you on a guided tour through the innovative flavors, ingredients, and techniques in the thrilling world of desserts. . . . [Migoya] explores basic pastry methods and dessert and menu composition principles in 200 recipes. . . .Inspirational and instructive photographs display steps, techniques, and finished desserts.

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Michael Laiskonis

Pastry Chef, Consultant, Writer, Creative Director at ICE, NYC

Above all else, I love being a chef because of the community that serves as a foundation of our profession. Im indebted to so many friends and colleagues for inspiration and motivation - and Francisco Migoya has long been one of those peers whose work continues to push our craft ever forward. Elements of Dessert - his third book - reflects the very expansive role of the restaurant pastry chef and the wide range of skillsets that come to bear in that environment. One reason I admire Franciscos work is that, while he may have one foot planted firmly in progressive sensibilities, the other foot is well grounded in classic ideas and techniques.