Crispy Milk | Baguette Ice Cream | Caramelized White Chocolate Spiral | Cajeta | Maldon Sea Salt

Why These Flavors Work

All of the flavors in this dessert are considered background flavors. The dominant flavor comes from the Maillard reactions that occur in the cajeta (with a goat’s milk flavor as well) and the caramelized white chocolate spiral. With that thread in common, these components are bound to get along very well, with the salt added to enhance these flavors. The crispy milk is a dehydrated milk foam that is toasted; the foam contributes an intense dairy flavor.



Plating Procedure

  1. Place the crispy milk piece on the plate.
  2. Spoon 20 g/.7 oz of cajeta on top of the crispy milk, so that it trickles down to the plate.
  3. Sprinkle 1 g/.03 oz of Maldon sea salt on top of the cajeta.
  4. Place a caramelized white chocolate spiral in front of the crispy milk.
  5. Spoon a 60-g/2-oz quenelle of baguette ice cream behind the crispy milk. Serve immediately.