Pumpkin Seed Velvet Spray


  • Cocoa butter 260 g 9.17 oz 70.27%
  • Pumpkin seed oil 110 g 3.88 oz 29.73%


  1. Combine both ingredients in a small bowl and melt them over a hot water bath. Stir to obtain an even mixture.
  2. Set up a spray station, a surface that should be covered with plastic to keep the shop clean where you can spray the mousse.
  3. Fill a compressor canister with the pumpkin seed velvet spray and spray the mousse with an even coating of spray. Keep the compressor gun at least 60 cm/24 in from the mousse to obtain a velvety smooth look.
  4. Carefully transfer the finished mousse to a clean sheet pan lined with a nonstick rubber mat. Reserve in the refrigerator during service. Discard after 2 days.