Coconut Avalanche

Why These Flavors Work

This dessert is based on a classic candy bar that contains almonds, coconut, and chocolate. In this bar, the almonds are not toasted; they are mostly there for texture and a little flavor. Here, almond praline pearls are used for flavor and crunch. Almond, coconut, and chocolate go well together because even though the almond and the coconut are background flavors, they are strengthened by the chocolate and play off each other well when used in the right amounts.




Assembly Procedure

  1. Assemble 10 plastic cube containers (see Resources). Spoon 30 g/1.06 oz of the feuilletine into each container. Make the coconut cream, and pour 50 g/1.75 oz of coconut cream into each container.
  2. Place a square of coconut dacquoise on top of the coconut cream. Cover the dacquoise with about 85 g/3 oz additional coconut cream. Use an offset spatula to even out the top.
  3. Coat the surface of the coconut cream with an even layer of about 10 g/.35 oz coconut milk powder.
  4. Place 1 chocolate star on the surface of the coconut milk powder.
  5. Reserve refrigerated until ready to display.