Peanut Butter and Mascarpone Cream


  • Mascarpone, soft 680 g 1 lb 7.84 oz 45.21%
  • Peanut butter 230 g 8.11 oz 15.29%
  • Superfine sugar 230 g 8.11 oz 15.29%
  • Heavy cream 350 g 12.35 oz 23.27%
  • Gelatin sheets, silver, bloomed in cold water, excess water squeezed out 14 g .49 oz .93%


  1. Combine the mascarpone, peanut butter, sugar, and heavy cream in a bowl and mix over a warm water bath until homogenous.
  2. Remove one-quarter of the mixture and heat it up with the bloomed gelatin in a separate bowl over a hot water bath.
  3. Return the warmed peanut butter-gelatin portion to the original mixture and stir until homogenous using a whisk.
  4. Pour into the prepared molds or cool in an ice water bath, and then refrigerate. This cream can be refrigerated and melted down again for further use. Discard after 10 days.