Seed and Milk Chocolate Mini Bars

Why These Flavors Work

The original inspiration for this pairing was peanut butter and milk chocolate. Having tasted that pairing often and enjoyed it, it occurred to me that maybe different nut pastes might also work. And they do for the most part, but I also started thinking about seeds. Pumpkin seed paste works very well, almost for the same reason that peanut butter does. It is rich and smooth, but it also has a more pervasive flavor. The milk chocolate enhances that flavor, and the dark chocolate wraps the whole package tightly with its bitterness. As a side note, sesame paste and sunflower seeds also work very well with milk chocolate.




Serving Instructions

  1. Dip each ganache oval in tempered dark chocolate.
  2. Before the chocolate sets, apply compressed air to the surface of the bar to give it a rippled look. You will have to do this one at a time to keep the chocolate that the ovals are dipped in from setting too much. Otherwise there will be no rippled effect.
  3. Once the chocolate has crystallized, apply a coat of edible lacquer to each chocolate mini bar to affix the luster dust. Brush each piece with silver-green luster dust. You will need about 20 g/.7 oz for all 40 pieces.
  4. Reserve in a cool, dry, enclosed area. Discard after 1 month.