Chocolate Cubes


  • Tempered dark chocolate 500 g 1 lb 1.64 oz 100%


  1. You will need 10 plastic cube containers measuring 3 cm/1.25 in wide by 3 cm/1.25 in long by 7 cm/2.75 in high (see Resources).
  2. Using a pastry brush, brush the inside of the containers with tempered chocolate (especially the corners of the molds).
  3. Pour the tempered chocolate into the molds. Let the chocolate sit in the molds for about 1 minute, and then turn them over to let the excess chocolate drip out. Let the molds set in a freezer with direct cold air going into the molds.
  4. Once the chocolate is completely set and it looks like it has released from the mold, let it warm up slightly, then try to slide the chocolate out of the mold with a gloved finger. Since these molds have straight sides, the release of chocolate can be challenging.
  5. Reserve the cubes covered at room temperature. Discard after 1 year.