Whipped Vanilla Milk and Pastry Cream | Raspberry Cake | Green Tea Gelée

Why These Flavors Work

This is a very simple flavor profile: vanilla, raspberries, and green tea. Vanilla, forever in harmony with all things sweet, has a way of tying in the raspberry and green tea, two seemingly odd flavors to put together but well harmonized in the presence of the vanilla and dairy flavors.

This cake is not assembled as a classic cake. In fact, there is really nothing classic about it. It is assembled into cubes, which are the individual servings themselves. The portion may look large, but the whipped milk and pastry cream are as light as air.



Assembly Instructions

  1. Assemble 6 rectangular Plexiglas cubes measuring 10 cm/4 in wide by 12.5 cm/5 in long by 5 cm/2 in thick. Lightly spray each wafer paper square with a mist of cocoa butter and immediately adhere it to the interior of the cube. Repeat with the other wafer paper squares.
  2. Put a square of raspberry sponge cake behind the wafer paper.
  3. Make the whipped vanilla milk and pastry cream. Pipe into the rectangular cubes and let set in the refrigerator.
  4. Once they are set, you can coat the top of the cubes with the green tea gelée and 1 raspberry pinecone half per cube.