Cake For Two: Cassis and Almond

Why These Flavors Work

This is a very simple cake made by alternating layers of cassis (black currant) cake and almond cream that is optionally scented with vanilla bean; this requires the use of the Volcano Vaporizer. The flavor of cassis is very straightforward but very complex at the same time, with intense berry fruit flavor along with a less intense floral note. Highly acidic, it benefits from the mellow flavor that the almond provides along with the dairy component, which tames that acidity and keeps it in check without hiding it. The vanilla is simply a scent that enhances all the flavors in the cake and adds a special touch.




Assembly Instructions

  1. Each cake is to be assembled in a 15-cm/6-in tall apothecary jar (see Resources). The cake should be assembled to order since it contains freshly whipped cream that can deflate over time.
  2. Alternate 6 layers of cake with the cream, starting with cake and ending with cream. Pipe 100 g/ 3.53 oz of cream per layer, and then 200 g/7.05 oz in the top layer. The cream layers should be about 1 cm/.4 in thick. The last layer of cream should be piped into peaks.
  3. Once the cake is assembled and just before it is sent out, it is scented with vanilla beans using the Volcano Vaporizer. To scent 1 cake, 20 g/.7 oz of vanilla powder is sufficient.