Chocolate and Raspberry Lips

Why These Flavors Work

Chocolate and raspberry is a combination that you either like or you don’t. Raspberries by themselves are not particularly sweet in the strict sense. They tend to be more sour, but with red fruit flavors that work well with certain types of dark chocolate, particularly those with low percentages of cacao. The savarin is more of a background flavor. It is a yeasted cake (but not a bread) and therefore will have a certain flavor of fermentation and Maillard, which are also background flavors. The cake is soaked in a Chambord syrup, which is a liqueur made with black raspberries, which are close in flavor to red raspberries.



Assembly Instructions

  1. Place 4 half-sphere molds measuring 14 cm/5.5 in diameter by 5 cm/2 in deep on smaller ring molds in order to keep them in place.
  2. Pipe the chocolate mousse into the molds to fill them up to within 2.5 cm/1 in from the top.
  3. Push the half-sphere of preserved raspberry jelly into the mousse and then place the savarin on top of the raspberry jelly.
  4. Pipe more mousse around the savarin if necessary to fill any gaps around it. Make sure that the savarin and the mousse are at the same level as the top of the mold.
  5. Freeze the cake to harden it.
  6. Once hardened, unmold the cake onto a wire rack. Pour the shiny chocolate glaze on top of the cake. Let set for a few seconds, and then slide it with the help of an offset spatula a few inches in any direction to prevent feet from forming at the bottom of the cake.
  7. Transfer the cake to the base on which it will be presented. Attach a total of 21 raspberry lips onto the cake. Let the cake thaw in the refrigerator.