Cherry Jam


  • Calcium Solution
  • Calcium lactate 2 g .07 g 1.8%
  • Water 120 g 4.23 oz 98.2%
  • Cherry Jam
  • Cherry purée (see Notes) 350 g 12.35 86.21%
  • Sugar 50 g 1.76 oz 12.32%
  • Calcium Solution 4 g .07 oz .99%
  • Universal pectin (pectin NH 95) 2 g .14 oz .49%


  1. For the calcium solution: Combine both ingredients using a handheld immersion blender to dissolve the calcium. Reserve refrigerated.
  2. For the cherry jam: Boil the cherry purée, 80 percent of the sugar, and the calcium solution in a small sauce pot. In the meantime, combine the remaining sugar with the pectin to obtain an even mixture.
  3. Add the pectin-sugar mixture to the cherry mixture by shearing it in with a handheld immersion blender.
  4. Return to a boil for 1 minute while stirring with a whisk.
  5. Pour the hot jam onto a half hotel pan to cool at room temperature.
  6. Once it is cool you may pipe it into the dough-lined molds. If not using right away, keep refrigerated for up to 2 weeks.