Ekte Gjetost | Toffee | Candied Apples





Assembly Instructions

  1. Airbrush the interior of the mold with black cocoa butter using an air brush.
  2. Cast the molds using tempered caramelized white chocolate according to the Molded Chocolates method.
  3. Using a mixer and the paddle attachment, soften 150 g/5.3 oz of the cheese by turning the mixer on to low speed. Paddle until the cheese is soft enough to pipe.
  4. Transfer the cheese to a piping bag and pipe it into each of 5 domes in the bar to fill them halfway.
  5. Place a piece of toffee inside each dome as well as a piece of candied apple, pushing it into the cheese as much as possible.
  6. Cap the mold with tempered caramelized white chocolate. The shelf life of the bars is 1 week because the Ekte Gjetost, a caramelized goat’s milk cheese, is not shelf stable for long.