Popcorn Filling



  • Popping corn 200 g 7.05 oz 71.43%
  • Canola oil 5 g .18 oz 1.79%
  • Freeze-dried salted butter powder 30 g 1.06 oz 10.71%
  • Anhydrous butter, melted 45 g 1.59 oz 16.07%


  1. Combine the popping corn with the canola oil in a deep pot.
  2. Pop the popping corn over medium-high heat, stirring the pot frequently, until all of the kernels are popped.
  3. Let the popcorn cool completely out of the pot and then grind it in a Robot Coupe as finely as possible. Pass the popcorn through a fine-mesh sieve.
  4. Combine the popcorn with the freeze-dried butter powder.
  5. Gently stir in the melted anhydrous butter. Add a little at a time; you may not need all of the butter. There should be just enough so that the popcorn is still loose but holds together when compressed.