Coriandered Mustard Sauce


This is a “flavored” mustard, made simply by adding finely chopped fresh coriander to Dijon Mustard Sauce. It would hardly seem mentionable as a separate sauce, except that with the addition of coriander the mustard sauce has a striking affinity to fish and shellfish. I therefore keep both blends on hand, the plain and the flavored.

  • A curious feature of this sauce is that it tastes perfectly all right to people who otherwise cannot tolerate the flavor or smell of fresh coriander. I do not know why this is so, but note it as a curiosity.



Put the mustard sauce and coriander in the work bowl of a food processor fitted with the steel knife and process until the coriander is fine, scraping down as needed. Alternatively, mince the coriander finely by hand, and whisk thoroughly to blend.

Put the sauce aside to develop, store it, and use it like the unflavored sauce. It too will keep indefinitely.