• Beef kidney fat
  • Water


Friture is a clear fat made from the suet which encloses the beef kidney. It is excellent for all deep fat frying. It imparts no odor to foods and does not have the high burning point of butter. After use, it may be strained and used many times. It does not saturate the food it fries. It is important to keep this distinction in mind—it is to be used for deep fat frying only, never for sauteing. It is as digestible as butter.

Ask your butcher for the suet from the beef kidney. Remove all membrane, cut into pieces or run through the coarse blade of the grinder. Soak in ice water for 24 hours. To cook, cover with cold water and simmer until water cooks out. Strain into earthenware vessel and keep in cool place. Use for frying fish, potatoes, pastries, fritters, pączki, chruścik and many other good foods.