Roast Turkey

Indyk Pieczony


  • 1 hen turkey
  • Salt
  • ¼ teaspoon ground ginger
  • 1 sliced onion
  • 2 stalks celery
  • Stuffing


Pull out the pinfeathers. Then singe off the hairs over a flame quickly so as not to darken or scorch the skin. Cut off the head and feet. Scrub the bird with a brush. Rinse thoroughly and wipe dry. Cut out the oil sac on top of the tail.

To draw the bird, first slit the skin lengthwise at the back of the neck. Slip the skin down and without tearing outer skin, remove windpipe and crop. Cut the neck off short without the skin and save it together with the wing tips, gizzard and heart for making broth to use in the gravy.

When drawing turkeys, chickens, or capons, cut crosswise of the body through the skin under the tail, making the cut only large enough to put the hand in. Leave a band of skin and flesh under the tail so that the legs can be securely tucked in after the bird is stuffed. The legs of ducks and geese are too short to tuck in, so make the cut for drawing them lengthwise of the body.

Insert the hand through the cut into the body cavity and draw out the entrails, heart, liver and gizzard. Be careful to remove every part of the lungs, which are located on each side of the backbone and between the ribs. The kidneys are in a hollow near the end of the backbone; remove them, too. After the body cavity is absolutly clean, the bird should be washed with cold water and wiped dry inside and out.

When ready to roast, sprinkle the inside with salt and ground ginger. Fill the body cavity and neck with any of the following stuffings. Do not pack the stuffing—allow room for stuffing to expand. Fill the bird with hot stuffing, if it is to be cooked at once. It may be more convenient to stuff the bird the day before it is to be cooked; if so, put the stuffing in cold and keep the bird well chilled so there will be no danger of spoilage.

Tuck the legs under the band of skin. Put a stitch through the skin at end of breastbone and wrap the cord around the legs and under the tail to help hold the legs in place. Lightly stuff the loose skin at the base of the neck. Fold end of neck skin toward the back and fasten with stitches. Tie the wings across the back close to the body.

Rub the turkey all over with butter, sprinkle with salt. If the bird is very lean, lay several strips of salt pork or bacon over it. Add a sliced onion and 2 stalks of celery. Bake uncovered until tender, in 325° oven.