Roast Duck or Goose with Varied Stuffings

Pieczona Kaczka lub Gęś Nadziewana


  • Fowl
  • Salt and marjoram


If you are lucky to have a live duck or goose, save its blood in vinegar and salt for making Czarnina. Feather and clean the bird thoroughly. Use the feet, neck, wings, gizzard and heart for Czarnina. One hour before cooking rub the fowl inside and out with salt and marjoram. Fill with your favorite stuffing. Rub the skin with salt and pepper but no fat since the duck has enough of its own. The goose has so much that you must prick with a fork the legs and wings to let the fat run out during roasting. Roast in moderate oven for 35 minutes to the pound. The fat makes it self-basting; some of the fat should be poured off as it accumulates. For additional flavor, red wine or orange juice can be poured over the fowl several times.