Caramel Syrup


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    2 cups

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Vegan Desserts

Vegan Desserts

By Hannah Kaminsky

Published 2015

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Thinner than a caramel sauce and not quite as rich or creamy, whisk this syrup into hot coffee, or use to make caramel frosting.


  • 2 Cups Granulated Sugar
  • Cups Hot Water, Divided


In a medium saucepan with tall sides, combine the sugar and ½ cup of the water, stirring with a rubber spatula until all of the sugar is moistened. Turn on the heat to medium, and from this point forward, do not stir the mixture; instead, gently swirl the pan to mix. This will prevent the mixture from crystallizing prematurely.

Cook the sugar, swirling occasionally, until it turns deep amber in color, but do not allow it to begin smoking or smelling burnt. You want to cook it to a fairly dark shade to give it the most flavor, but if it smells burnt, it’s already too late and you must start again. Once it begins to color, it will progress very quickly, so do not walk away at this point.

Once deeply colored, very carefully pour in the remaining hot water. The mixture is likely to sputter and bubble up, so you may want to stand to the side while making this addition, and it doesn’t hurt to have long sleeves to cover your arms, just in case. The mixture may seize and crystallize a bit on the bottom of the pan, but don’t worry, it’s easy to fix. Continue to cook the syrup over gentle heat until any crystals are dissolved and the mixture is completely smooth again.

Let cool completely before using or storing in a glass jar.