Sublime Blewits

(either species can be used)


Assemble in advance and toast just before serving.

Sauté sliced fresh blewits in butter over a very high flame and as they begin to brown add some finely chopped spring onions, then a little flour to thicken and some cream. It should all be reduced until nice and thick. Season well with salt and lots of coarsely ground pepper and you can add a little sherry too but I prefer it without.

Remove the crusts from a thinly sliced, white sandwich loaf. Butter the bread and cover with mushroom paste. Roll up and fasten with a cocktail stick (lengthwise, rather like a kilt pin), place under grill and toast.

This is a variation of a Californian recipe in which ordinary button mushrooms were used. The rich flavour and meltingly light texture of the toast make this one of my very top recipes for a savoury.

From Irene Palmer.