Beech Leaf Noyau



  • beech leaves
  • 1 bottle gin
  • 225 g (8 oz) white sugar
  • 1 glass of brandy


Collect the young, fresh beech leaves and strip them from the twigs. Half fill an empty bottle or jar with the leaves and then pour on the bottle of gin. Seal up the container and keep leaves in it for 3 weeks, before straining them off. Boil the sugar in 300 ml (Β½ pint) water and add this to the gin with a good-sized glass of brandy. You should end up with two almost-full bottles of noyau for the price of one bottle of gin. Believe me it’s worth every penny. It is a liqueur that every one of my fussy friends has gone mad for.

This recipe is based on Richard Mabey’s recipe in Food for Free, 1972.