Hints for Perfect Tuiles

Appears in
Cookies Unlimited

By Nick Malgieri

Published 2000

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  1. Don’t beat the batter a lot; aeration only makes the batter puff up. Tuile batters should just be stirred together.
  2. When you are spooning the batter out onto the baking sheet, keep stirring up the batter as you spoon it out so the nuts stay in suspension.
  3. Watch the cookies closely as they are baking—these are so thin that a minute can make the difference between perfect and burned.
  4. Bake only one pan of tuiles at a time. You’ll need time to curve the cookies and if you bake two pans simultaneously, one will either be burning or cooling to the point that the cookies will be too stiff to bend.
  5. If you want to make lots of tuiles, enlist the help of a second person so that one can place the batter on the pan and the other can watch the oven. Both should do the curving: One person can remove the tuiles from the pans while the other places them on and removes them from the curved forms.