Occhi Di Passero


Ingredients Durum-wheat flour and water.

How Made Factory made of variable size, with a hole. They are cooked either in broth or in abundant boiling salted water.

Also Known As Occhi di elefante, occhi di giudeo, occhi di lupo rigati, and occhi di pernice (eyes of elephant, Jew, wolf, and partridge, respectively).

How Served In broth or as pastasciutta, depending on size.

Where Found Widespread.

Remarks The name means literally β€œsparrow’s eyes.” The diameter of this round pasta bucata determines whether it is tiny pastina for broth, or a larger size for serving as pastasciutta or, more often, in legume soups.

A pasta shape inspired by the eye means it is generally small and round. But the size varies according to whose eyes the shape is named for. Thus, we have eyes of a wolf, partridge, sparrow, and on down to eyes of a flea and to pinpoints that can be considered eyes only under a microscope. There used to be eyes of a thief and eyes of a Jew, two shapes that today have disappeared from the catalogs. But the eyes can also be large, such as those of an elephant: in this case, the diameter is that of cannelloni.