2176 The Braising of White Meats

Appears in

Le Guide Culinaire

By Auguste Escoffier

Published 1903

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The modern way of carrying out the braising of white meats is not strictly braising at all. In the method used the process stops at the end of the first stage of the two, which together characterize a brown braise. Cooks in days gone by did not fully understand the process and so it was that large joints particularly those of veal, were frequently cooked for such a long time that they could be cut with a spoon. This practice is no longer carried out, but its description has remained.
The items which can be braised by the white method include best ends, saddles, loins and cushions of veal, calves sweetbreads, turkeys and large chickens and occasionally, legs, saddles and barons of lamb. The method is the same for all these, the only difference being the amount of time each requires.