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Oxford Companion to Food

By Alan Davidson

Published 2014

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calamansi (or kalamansi or calamondin/kalamondin) formerly known as Citrus mitis, is now classified as × Citrofortunella mitis (Citrus reticulata × Fortunella sp), i.e. a hybrid of the mandarin orange and the kumquat. It is a small citrus fruit of the Philippines which plays an important role in Filipino cookery.

The fruits, which look like small mandarins, are very acid. The juice can be used like lemon juice to season dishes, or made into a refreshing drink. Other uses of the juice include acting as a marinade or a dip. It will also arrest browning in bananas, as lemon juice does; and is good to squeeze over papaya for breakfast, or over pansit (see noodles of Asia). In addition, the fruits can be pickled. The preserved peel is often used as a flavouring.