Toasting Nuts and Seeds

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Getaway: Food & Drink to Transport You

By Renee Erickson

Published 2021

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Toasting brings out the delicious warmth in nuts and can also reduce the tannic bite of walnuts and hazelnuts. There are two basic procedures for toasting: on the stovetop and in the oven. In either case, patience pays off—don’t try to rush or you will end up with a pile of scorched nuts.
The stovetop is a good way to handle smaller nuts (like pistachios or pine nuts) and seeds. In a dry skillet over medium heat, pour in a single variety of seeds/nuts. Have a cool plate ready next to the stove. Swirl the seeds with a spoon or a shake of the wrist a few times every minute. Nuts are ready when they are slightly darkened and aromatic. Pumpkin seeds will pop to let you know they’re ready.