Throughout the book we use firm-type sliced or unsliced bread.

Croustades are nothing more than hollowed-out, thick bread slices. To make them: Cut a 2-inch slice of bread. Trim off crusts. Cut a cube in the center of the slice, leaving a Β½-inch wall of bread on the sides. With a fork carefully tear out the center cube, leaving the bottom Β½-inch thick. Put the croustades on a cooky sheet and toast in a 325-degree oven until dried out and browned. These may be made in advance and kept on hand in a metal container. Be sure they are completely dried out, or they will become moldy.

Croutons are small dried-out cubes of bread. To make them: Cut crusts from sliced bread. Butter both sides of the slice, then cut into ΒΌ- or Β½-inch cubes, depending upon the size desired. Fry-toss in hot skillet until browned on all sides. When brown put on cooky sheet and place in 300-degree oven for about 20 minutes, or until dry.

Fried bread. Butter a slice of bread on both sides and then fry in a skillet, browning both sides.

Toast points. Trim crusts, then toast or fry a buttered slice of bread. Cut diagonally into fourths.