Huîtres et Palourdes

Oysters and Clams

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Hows and Whys of French Cooking

By Alma Lach

Published 1974

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Fish markets will seldom open oysters or clams for you to take home. So that you may enjoy them, here is how it is done.

To open oysters. Buy an oyster knife from your fish dealer, or from a hardware or specialty store. You may pry them open at the hinge, but that is the hard way. Put the oyster, round side down, in your left hand on a towel, the flat side up. You will notice growth rings around the outside of the top shell. At the point where the rings stop, at the edge of the oyster, is the spot to insert the opener to pry up the lid. Once it is open, look for pearls, and then run the opener under the oyster to cut the muscle that attaches the oyster to the lower shell. Serve on the half shell with lemon halves, cocktail sauce, and some fresh horseradish.