Beechwood Sickener

Russula nobilis

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Beechwood Sickener Russula nobilis Velen, syn. R. mairei Singer (illustrated 70% life size) Cap 3–9cm across, convex, later flattening; red or pink to entirely white; typically rather firm and thick-fleshed; one-third peeling, to show pink flesh. Stem 25–45×10–15mm, white, cylindrical, rarely club-shaped, usually hard. Flesh white, pink under cap cuticle; taste hot, smell of coconut when young. Gills adnexed, rounded, closely spaced at first; white with greenish tinge, later cream. Spores 7–8×6–6.5µ, ovate; warts up to 0.5µ high, joined by thin lines to form a well-developed network with small meshes. Spore print whitish (A). Cap cystidia mostly club-shaped with up to two septa, strongly reacting to SV. Habitat with beech; autumn. Common. Poisonous.