Dawn Brittlegill

Russula aurora

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Dawn Brittlegill Russula aurora Krombh. syn. R. rosea Quél. (illustrated 50% life size) Cap 4–9cm across, convex, later flattening; red or pink, usually cream in the centre or entirely so; moderately thick-fleshed, moderately firm, dry, shiny or matt, sometimes powdered; at most half peeling. Stem 40–70×10–20mm; white, surface carmine with SV, especially when dry (distinguishes this species); fairly fragile to somewhat firm, powdered at first, especially above. Flesh white; taste mild. Gills nearly free, abundantly forked especially near stem; pale cream. Spores 6–8×5–6.5µ, ovate; warts up to 0.5µ high, with few connecting lines, no network. Spore print pale cream (B). Cap cystidia absent; narrow hyphae with encrustations staining in fuchsin present. Habitat with broad-leaved trees; summer to early autumn. Occasional. Said to be edible. Note another possible name is R. velutipes Velen.