Darkening Brittlegill

Russula vinosa


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Darkening Brittlegill Russula vinosa Lindblad syn. R. obscura (Romel) Peck (illustrated 40% life size) Cap 5โ€“14cm across, convex, soon flattening or with a depression, margin furrowed when old; purplish-red to wine-coloured, centre often brownish; fleshy; up to two-thirds peeling. Stem 60โ€“120ร—10โ€“35mm; white, occasionally tinted greyish-rose. Flesh white, becoming pink on exposure to air and finally blackish; taste mild. Gills adnexed, fairly widely spaced, with connecting veins at their bases; dull golden-yellow, all parts greying or blackening. Spores 8โ€“11.5ร—6.5โ€“9ยต, ovate; small, isolated spines up to 0.5ยต high, no fine lines. Spore print deep cream (E or F). Cap cystidia absent; hyphae with encrustations staining in fuchsin present. Habitat with conifers; summer to autumn. Confined to the Scottish Highlands and uncommon there. Vulnerable on Red Data List. Edible.

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