Russula alnetorum


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Russula alnetorum Romagn. (illustrated 95% life size) Cap 1.5โ€“4cm across, convex to flat then funnel-shaped; deep purple-vinaceous, fading and bleaching to pale mauve in the wet; fragile; peeling almost completely. Stem 20โ€“40ร—5โ€“10mm, equal; white, sometimes flushed yellowish or reddish at the base, discolouring with age. Flesh white; fragile; taste mild, smell slight. Gills some full with intermediates, strongly interveined, edges slightly toothed; pale ivory white. Spores 7โ€“8.5ร—6โ€“6.5ยต, ovate; warts up to 1.5ยต high, connectives irregular, forming a slight reticulum. Spore print white (Aโ€“B). Habitat in mixed woodland; late summer to autumn. Rare on Red Data List. Unknown edibility. Note photographed by Geoffrey Kibby.

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