Russula seperina


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Russula seperina Dupain (illustrated 50% life size) Cap 5–10cm across; purplish-red to ochraceous at the centre, margin striate; smooth; half peeling. Stem 50–60×10–20mm; white, bruising pinkish-red then black. Flesh white, reddening then grey or black; taste mild, smell slightly fishy. Gills close; pale ochre, blackening. Spores 8–9.5×6.7–8µ, elliptical; warts 0.5–1µ high, with well-developed connectives. Spore print deep ochre (G–H). Habitat in mixed woods; summer to early autumn. Very rare. Unknown edibility. Note these caps are very young and rather pale, the more normal colour is purplish-red; however the flesh shows that it reddens when bruised and turns black.

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