Russula integra


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Russula integra (L) Fr. (illustrated 40% life size) Cap large, 5โ€“15cm across, strongly convex, later flattening, margin finally furrowed; blood-coloured, livid red, pale to dark wine-coloured, umber, or sepia, often with browner to buff centre; firm, fleshy, sticky when moist; half peeling. Stem 30โ€“90ร—15โ€“30mm; white, browning; firm. Flesh white; taste mild. Gills almost free, saffron. Spores 9โ€“11ร—7โ€“9.5ยต, ovate; isolated spines, no lines. Spore print ochre (Gโ€“H). Cap cystidia numerous, cylindrical or narrowly club-shaped, without septa, moderately reacting with SV. Cap hyphae finely tapering, some with granules staining in fuchsin. Habitat with conifers; late summer to autumn. Occasional in the Scottish Highlands. Edible. Note in my first book I named this mushroom R. polychroma.

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