Variable Brittlegill

Russula versicolor


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Variable Brittlegill Russula versicolor Jul. Schäff. (illustrated 40% life size) Cap 1.5–6cm across, soon flattened, margin usually sulcate, viscid when wet; usually pale, a mixture of colours including buff, greenish-yellow, pink, or vinaceous purple. Stem 20–50×10–30mm; dull white, staining yellowish-ochre; fragile; peeling almost fully. Flesh white; soft; smell pleasant, taste mild to rather hot. Gills pale ochre. Spores 6–8×4–6µ, subglobose; warts up to 0.6µ high, isolated or with a few connectives, sometimes even reticulate. Spore print medium yellow (E–F). Habitat in wet, boggy areas; late summer to late autumn. Occasional. Not edible.

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