Slender Brittlegill

Russula gracillima

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Slender Brittlegill Russula gracillima Jul. Schäff (illustrated 50% life size) Cap 2–6cm across, convex then flattening, sometimes with an umbo, margin eventually furrowed; typically with dull greenish or olive centre and pink margin, but also completely these colours, or pale, dull violet; thin-fleshed, fragile; one-third to a half peeling. Stem 35–70×5–10mm; white to greyish-rose; soft, fragile. Flesh white; taste slightly to moderately hot. Gills slightly decurrent, thin; pale cream. Spores 7–9×5–7µ, elliptical-ovate; warts up to 1µ high, with very few or no fine lines. Spore print pale cream to cream (C–D). Cap cystidia cylindrical to slightly club-shaped, up to 10µ wide, with 0–1 septa. Habitat with birch; summer to late autumn. Occasional. Unknown edibility.