Lactarius controversus

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Lactarius controversus Pers. (illustrated 25% life size) Cap 8–15cm across, convex then concave to funnel-shaped, margin inrolled and downy at first; ivory to pale buff, often with pale vinaceous tinges or indistinct blotches, sometimes in concentric bands; glabrous, viscid when moist. Stem 30–75×20–40mm, cylindrical, or narrowing towards the base; concolorous with cap; solid. Flesh white; thick. Gills decurrent, crowded and narrow; pale rosy buff. Milk white; taste slowly very hot. Spores 6–7×5–6¼, oval; strong warts connected by thick ridges forming a fairly complete network. Spore print pinkish-cream (B). Habitat with poplar or Salix repens; late summer to autumn. Uncommon. Edible but poor.