Peppery Milkcap

Lactarius piperatus


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Peppery Milkcap Lactarius piperatus (L.) Pers. (illustrated 50% life size) Cap 6–16cm across, convex with concave to widely funnel-shaped centre; creamy white; matt and glabrous. Stem 30–70×20–30mm, cylindrical or tapering towards the base; white. Flesh white; thick. Gills decurrent, crowded, narrow; white then creamy. Milk white; taste very hot and acrid. Spores 6.5–9.5×5–7.5¼, elongate-elliptical; ornamented as L. vellereus (above). Spore print white (A). Habitat in deciduous woods; summer to early winter. Occasional. Edible but not recommended; used dried as seasoning or fresh after parboiling in some places, even then retaining an unpleasant taste and difficult to digest. Note easily distinguished from L. vellereus by its taller stature, glabrous cap, and crowded gills.

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