Coconut Milkcap

Lactarius glyciosmus

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Coconut Milkcap Lactarius glyciosmus (Fr.) Fr. (illustrated 50% life size) Cap 2–5.5cm across, convex, later with a shallow depression, sometimes with a central pimple, margin incurved at first; usually greyish-lilac, sometimes dull buff; thin-fleshed, not sticky. Stem 25–65×4–12mm, cylindrical, slightly club-shaped or narrowing upwards; concolorous with cap but paler or yellowish; soft and easily broken, sometimes becoming hollow. Flesh buff. Gills decurrent, crowded; pale yellowish to pale flesh colour, later greyish-lilac. Milk white; taste mild, then a little hot and acrid, smell suggestive of coconut. Spores 7–8.5×5.5–6.5¼, broadly elliptical; warts small, connected by thin ridges to form a somewhat incomplete network. Spore print creamy white (A–B). Habitat with broad-leaved trees, especially birch; late summer to autumn. Common. Edible.