Meadow Waxcap

Hygrocybe pratensis


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Meadow Waxcap Hygrocybe pratensis (Pers.) Murrill. syn. Cuphophyllus pratensis (Pers.) Fr. syn. Hygrophorus pratensis (Pers.) Fr. syn. Camarophyllus pratensis (Pers.) P. Kumm. (illustrated 55% life size) Cap 3–8cm across, convex then flattened with broad umbo, becoming distorted and often cracking with age; ochraceous or tawny-buff. Stem 20–50Γ—10–15mm, tapering towards the base; paler than cap. Flesh pale buff; thick at centre of cap; taste pleasant, smell mushroomy. Gills deeply decurrent, widely spaced; pale buff. Spores 5–7Γ—4.5–5ΒΌ, broadly ovoid to subglobose. Spore print white. Habitat in pastureland; autumn. Frequent. Edible good.

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