Goblet Waxcap

Hygrocybe cantharellus


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Goblet Waxcap Hygrocybe cantharellus (Schwein.) Murrill syn. Hygrophorus cantharellus (Schwein.) Fr. (illustrated 45% life size) Cap 0.5–4cm across, convex, margin wavy; scarlet, becoming vermilion and often yellowish at the margin; slightly scurfy-scaly. Stem 30–70Γ—1–3mm; orange at apex, concolorous with cap below. Flesh orange. Gills deeply decurrent; pale yellowish, becoming deep egg-yellow. Spores 8–10Γ—5–6ΒΌ, elliptical. Spore print white. Habitat amongst damp moss; autumn. Frequent. Unknown edibility.

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