Yellowleg Bonnet

Mycena epipterygia


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Yellowleg Bonnet Mycena epipterygia (Scop.) Gray (illustrated 55% life size) Cap 1–2cm across, convex, expanding to bell-shaped, the margin often delicately toothed; fawn, especially at the centre, with yellowish tinge, having a striate appearance when moist; cuticle viscid, easily removed. Stem 40–70Γ—1–2mm; pale yellow; viscid. Flesh very thin; taste mild, smell slight, not distinctive. Gills subdecurrent; pale pink; the edge is glutinous and can be removed with a needle when fresh. Spores 8–10Γ—4.5–5ΒΌ, ellipsoid; amyloid. Spore print white to pale buff. Cheilocystidia clavate, covered with irregular, knobbly, sometimes branched processes. Habitat in grass or amongst moss in woodland or on heaths; autumn. Common. Edible but not worthwhile.

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