Mycena clavicularis

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Mycena clavicularis (Fr.) Gillet (illustrated 50% life size) Cap 1–2cm across, convex, sometimes with a low, rounded umbo when mature; grey-brown or bluish-grey, faintly striate when moist; dusty surface bloom when young, wrinkled in age, greasy to moist. Stem 20–50×1–1.5mm; concolorous with cap, though lighter at the apex; very sticky. Flesh grey or whitish; thin, gristly; taste and smell not distinctive. Gills adnate, subdistant to distant, narrow to moderately broad; greyish to sooty with whitish edges. Spores 7–12×4–6¼, ellipsoid; amyloid. Spore print white. Habitat among conifer needles; summer to autumn. Uncommon. Unknown edibility.