Dripping Bonnet

Mycena rorida


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Dripping Bonnet Mycena rorida (Fr.) Quél. (illustrated 60% life size) Cap 0.2–1cm across, broadly convex or hemispherical with adpressed disc, margin becoming notched with age; cream to pale grey-brown, striate; furrowed, dry and finely scaly. Stem 10–30×1mm; concolorous with cap; elastic, covered in a thick mucus sheath that thickens towards the base. Flesh pale; thin, quite fragile. Gills arcuate-adnate, becoming decurrent, subdistant, narrow to moderately broad; white. Spores 8–10×4–5¼, narrowly ellipsoid; strongly amyloid. Spore print white. Habitat on twigs and plant remains in woods; summer to autumn. Occasional. Unknown edibility.

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