Ivory Funnel

Clitocybe dealbata

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Ivory Funnel Clitocybe dealbata (Sowerby) P. Kumm. (illustrated 50% life size) Cap 2–4cm across, flattened-convex, becoming slightly depressed; buff, dusted white. Stem 20–35×5–10mm; whitish; mealy at the apex. Flesh whitish; thin except for the centre of the cap; smell faint, mealy. Gills adnate to decurrent, crowded; whitish or cream. Spores 4–5.5×2–3¼, broadly ovate. Spore print white. Habitat in lawns and pastures, often in troops or rings; summer to late autumn. Frequent. Deadly poisonous. Note the name is actually nomen dubium, but has been so widely used that most authors continue to use it. Similar to C. rivulosa (below).