Giant Funnel

Leucopaxillus giganteus

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Giant Funnel Leucopaxillus giganteus (Sibth.) Singer syn. Clitocybe gigantea (Sibth.) Quél. (illustrated 30% life size) Cap 8–30cm across, flat at first, soon deeply funnel-shaped, margin inrolled; ivory, finally flushed tan at the centre; often cracked or scaly. Stem 40–70×25–35mm; whitish; tough. Flesh white; taste and smell faint but pleasant. Gills decurrent, crowded and forked; creamy. Spores 6.5–7×3–4¼, smooth; amyloid. Spore print white. Habitat amongst grass in pastures, along hedgerows, or on roadsides, often in rings; late summer to late autumn. Occasional. Edible.