Pink Domecap

Calocybe carnea


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Pink Domecap Calocybe carnea (Bull.) Donk. syn. Tricholoma carneum (Bull.) P. Kumm. syn. Lyophyllum carneum (Bull.) Kühner & Romagn. (illustrated 45% life size) Cap 1.5–4cm across, flattened convex; distinctive flesh-pink colour, flushed brown at the centre. Stem 20–40×3–7mm; concolorous with cap. Flesh whitish; taste and smell not distinctive. Gills white. Spores 4.5–5.5×2.5–3¼, elliptical. Spore print white. Habitat in grassland, often in small clumps; late summer to autumn. Frequent. Edible.

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