Tricholoma argyraceum

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Tricholoma argyraceum (Bull.) Gillet (illustrated 60% life size) Cap 1–4cm across, conical then expanded with an acute, conical umbo; pale grey at first then almost white, with scattered, minute, grey-brown fibres. Stem 20–30×5–8mm; whitish, often streaked yellowish or brown. Flesh whitish to grey-brown; smell slight, unpleasant. Gills white, sometimes yellowing with age. Spores 4.5–6×2.5–3¼. Spore print white. Habitat in deciduous woods, especially in open, grassy spaces near birch; late spring to autumn. Occasional. Unknown edibility. Note in my first book I used the name Tricholoma inocybeoides, which has now been found to be incorrect.